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Size Matters (Image Size That Is)

We want to fill our websites with beautiful imagery to keep the visitors and potential clients engaged and interested. But when dealing with images on websites you need to be concered with the file size of that image. Site speed is a ranking factor.

Let’s give a quick example. The image below can be viewed at a max size in your browser of 750px wide. However this particular image is 2560px wide, it’s just be resized by the browers to be able to view it. The file size is 921 KB

Now if we resize the image to the max width of 750px prior to uploading it, we get an image that’s the same size in the browser, but it’s only 161KB in file size.


If we take that one step further and run it through an image optimization program, like Kraken.io then we get an image that is only 130KB in file size.


Just by optimizing that one image, we saved the visitor over 800KB in data that had to be downloaded!

Resize and optimize your images before publishing them on your websites!

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